Working of WebDownStatus

WebDownStatus works in Such a way that it collects outage from Several Sources. But Most importantly it detects Outage in early Stages. A really great way to Detect the Down Status is from incoming high amount of Outage Reports of People. The reason “why we Build this site” is because Our Aim to Provide you the Quickest Response of Outages. Moreover, on WebDownStatus we are Providing you the Platform to Report you issue, if you are having problem with the Product.

How Correct information WebDownStatus

We try to ensure that you get the most verified information. But Still we cannot guarantee you the Accuracy of Information. Because we basically display the users Reports. We uptake these Reports from Social Platform as well as from our website officially. In these cases, people report because of Problem can be only with them. From these Reports, we cannot guarantee you that company is facing Outages.

We although try our best to Improve the Settlement of Algorithm but still can’t ensure that we are displaying the 100% accurate information. You can Judge about the outages here if Hundreds of People are reporting here. But the more Accurate Method to justify about the outage is by directly linking to the customer Support of website. The will tell you 100% accurate information.

Which type of Outages Service We Track

We track almost every Big Brand which are Largely Facilitating their Services to Users. One of the Aspects are Internet Service Providers, Communication, messaging services, Gaming Service Providers and Networks, video/audio streaming services etc.

But keep in mind that WebDownStatus is not associated with any service, corporation or organization.