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1and1 is basically an American hosting company which was founded in 1988. It was owned by Germain with headquarter in Germany. One of its key facilities include Hosting Solutions, Domains, Websites. So, what are you waiting for a start working on your own brand-new domain. If you have any problem then you can visit site to check outage (Map) graph.

1and1 down

1and1 Down is live & no issue & problem reported

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1and1 Down status down & up report with current outages map history on 2020-04-06

1and1 Twitter Reports

IdLovesMeToo IdLovesMeToo
1 50 minutes on hold with 1and1 since I am paying for server support I guess I am getting my moneys worth Love the down time
Douglas Gibson douglasgibson15
1and1help 1and1help uk 1and1 UK please tell me why my website has been down for a whole week and how this is acceptable
Jessica Layman artemis_selena
So I move to 1and1 name servers Still can t renew Site still down On phone with India for hours Excited about moving to bluehost
Jessica Layman artemis_selena
1and1 never contacted me about expiring ssl cert Now site is down Oh and I have to move to their nameservers to renew
Boghead Ben Bogheadben
1and1help uk Any problems reported with 1and1 e-mail Can t connect via several devices via e-mail program but webmail is fine
Media Training MediaTrainingUK
vojtechkopal 1and1 1and1help uk Ours is still down hoping to hear something anything from 1and1help uk
Joey Riso risosystems
1and1 Please update your status page - there s a lot going wrong that you don t bother to acknowledge ALL of my Managed WP sites are down
Media Training MediaTrainingUK
vojtechkopal 1and1help 1and1help uk 1and1 we re four hours into this outage and still no website access or emai
1and1 Folks 5 hours since last contact - nothing No communication and websites still down What happened to you guys
Keith R-W keithrileywhitt
1and1 hey chaps Can you help me close down my web pages I still want to own the domain though
1and1 Folks all our sites are down no notifications no estimates no communication at all All since yesterday 11pm PST What s going on
1and1 Guys all our sites are down since yesterday 11pm What s going on - no info no notification no estimated downtime Talk to us
Billa Media BillaMedia
Attention Guy s amp Gal s Our website is currently down Issues with the host 1and1 Find us here
Naomi Mc Laughlan NaomiMcLaughlan
RT BillaMedia Attention Guy s amp Gal s Our website is currently down Issues with the host 1and1 Find us here
Ryan Graczyk RyanGraczyk
1and1 2nd time in 2 weeks that my website is down and replaced by Sedo Parking page How do I get a refund so I can host elsewhere
Twilight Wirral UnusualWirral
Just to let everyone know Twilight is closing down its website due to some difficulties with 1and1 so for now
Fcwbjesus fcwbjesus
You know my 1and1 2 year old son as a result of power outage is helping me point the torch on my write up while i type this msgs

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