Air Miles Down

Air Miles is also considered in one of the separately operated Loyalty Programs. It is operating in selected countries now a day including Canada, Netherlands, Spain and other middle east. If you are facing Air Miles down problem then check out the outage map.

Air Miles down

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Air Miles Down status down & up report with current outages map history on 2018-08-18

Air Miles Twitter Reports

Been HER✨ aniiseebeau
10 000 miles in the air and any problems I have i don t even really give af about them
Tricia Ransom TriciaRansom
Quinnovator tomspiglanin Down here in Mountain View about 100 miles south the air was thick w smoke yesterday lrnchat
James jmazzjd
RapSheet NFL The air quality is no better 30 miles down the road This would be dumb
Cayci 🐠 caycifish
University a few miles down the road was just closed due to poor air quality I guess I m not going outside for a while
Harriette Sucher 707Catseye
jemfoster No air support amp problems w water access is big concern amp winds picking up again It s apx 7 miles from
Caroline Moira caroline_moira
I live 25 miles south of the SonomaFires The air is hazy amp thick Cars are covered in ash Even down here we can smell it
Mark D. RealMarkD
No matter what this app says I can assure you that down here 100 miles south of the Anaheim Hills fires the air q
Andoryu🌟 AndoryuAnzuru
The napafire is miles away and yet there s ashes in the air down here lt O Hope people are staying safe and are away from the fire
Khadijah Kahn kahn_khadijah
RT jnj kahl FBI CIA They have the intel to falsely accuse Assad of CW s over 7000 air miles away but has 0 evidence just down the ro
I am Kaonashi yvesangg
Two miles off the ground And no clouds to be seen Give me some air that s cold and clean Love cant bring me down When I take my self
YAMAN20 This a temporary outage for system upgrades for a easier more convenient AIR MILES Cash experience Thanks for your patience
Jon _i0n
KrustyAllslopp DanielJHannan hopefully the planes won t be made we have to cut down on our air miles we re destroying the atmosphere
fashionblogger this is a temp outage while an upgrade is being performed to allow AIR MILES Cash to be used at pumps
Ryan Miller MillerSRyan
DCakaDizzle Our Air Force navy will shoot down any nuke before it even gets within 100 miles of our coast
Tress🇺🇸 Nathan_tress
Pushed for over 20 miles I went a total of 42 mph down a hill flew for 10 ft in the air and ate asphalt for the first time
Trevor Moore TrevorHMoore
Conmaol I have some sympathy with that view If global warming is indeed man made we all need to cut down on the air miles
Chris Mizen poshbox8
Forrester s fault for the goal still marking thin air and not closing players down he s miles off pace of game
Ruth Ladley Roobyru
RT AhronYoung Storm warning shuts down Brisbane airport Lightning at 5 nautical miles I know this as I m here trying to get to Melb to
Ahron Young AhronYoung
Storm warning shuts down Brisbane airport Lightning at 5 nautical miles I know this as I m here trying to get to Melb to be on air in morn
80%AltCenter danielwwelsh
SSludgeworth It s thousands of degrees just a few miles down I m sure a one degree warmer air is what s causing earthquakes

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