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Hulu is an American subscription video on demand service owned by Hulu LLC. It is a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company. Its headquarter is located in California United States of America. Their main services are of Hulu and Hulu with live TV. It is subsidiary of Turning Broadcasting System. Its CEO is Mike Hopkins.

Hulu down

Hulu Down is live & no issue & problem reported

Hulu Down 24 Hours Online Problems Today

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Hulu Down status down & up report with current outages map history on 2018-10-21

Hulu Twitter Reports

Jerry Casser RUJerry
I complained about HULU s outage last week here on my Twitter Account and they extended my 1 yr discounted Trial
JarneAktunMusic jarneaktunmusic
hulu support Keeps saying Hulu currently unavailable on my Apple TV Is there a current outage
Briana BrianaLG
XFINITY hulu Not to mention there s an outage in my area so my internet which has been shit for 2 weeks is gone
Chemaly Garencha GarenchaChemaly
RT baddangelfromig There is a Spectrum internet outage and I was just about to finish a movie on Hulu
Ariez Ariezpopsoff
AskFrontier Hi we have a pretty big outage here in Susanville Ca Been on hold forever so hoping social media can help us out I miss hulu
Angelicα baddangelfromig
There is a Spectrum internet outage and I was just about to finish a movie on Hulu
[SMADBEAR] whiskeytits24
gt successfully calls Comcast to get my bill lowered gt tries to watch Hulu gt internet outage in my area FUCKING SHIT
Aaron Bean BlackBlur14
This Playstation Network outage wouldn t be so bad if not for every PS4 app Netflix Hulu Amazon etc requiring it to be up to use
Rob Cable RobCable5
RT davideckl Ah a lovely 3 hour Spectrum TWC outage turned into me officially cutting the cable cord hulu - you up
Ashley Keihn Ashley_Dawn08
hulu support Is there an Outage in the Indianapolis area right now My account keeps getting stuck on the loading screen
David Eckl davideckl
Ah a lovely 3 hour Spectrum TWC outage turned into me officially cutting the cable cord hulu - you up
williamcohen bcohen00608046
hulu support It s a 4th Generation ATV I m only not hearing Hulu--both via Roku and Apple This sound outage
Micah Burke MicahBBurke
sling slinganswers I one time I needed Sling to work mother-in-law visiting - Sling outage - Manteca CA - signed up for Hulu it works
Victoria Marie victoria1996xxD
Always a outage optimum I can t relax and enjoy my Hulu because internet is down RoughDay RoughNight
hulu support Is there an outage in the NYC NJ area since earlier in the evening App only says loading for several hours now
Gabrielle Seunagal ClassySnobbb
Well Hulu is a bust thanks to the power outage but I m able to access YouTube so I m watching trishapaytas videos and texting people
pate @ LA godzillagoth
The power outage made the programs on the tv force log out and i dont know the pw to hulu
hulu support Safari on OSX Sierra AppleTV4 outage says cannot establish a secure connection amp Opera won t even show the splash page
morbeedo morbeedo
hulu support unable to stream tonight Apple TV works with other platforms but can t get Hulu to play anything is there an outage
Carolyn Hart Qj7ZcuvJcIDt0eo
RT ReportOutage Hulu is down since 07 51 PM EST RT if it s down for you as well huludown
LONESOME 😇👽😈 StarBrand_DRC
hulu support is there an outage in NY It keeps telling me a problem is detected but I was literally just watching it
Kyle Mason KyleMason365
RT ReportOutage Hulu is having issues since 10 58 PM EST RT if you re also affected huludown
hulu support Ok so after of having an outage for an entire day and a little over a week into my month trial you
JM TheOnlyJM
hulu support is there an outage I m not aware of both my PS4 amp Xbox One Hulu apps will not work my iPhone app works fine aggravating

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