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Facebook Messenger is also known as messenger is tool for sending and receiving instant messages and phone calls. You can easily chat with your Facebook friends and family. It was basically launched on 2011 from Facebook to support Facebook App. It is one of the best way to send messages. Now a day it can also be connected to Facebook.

messenger down

Messenger Down is live & no issue & problem reported

Messenger Down 24 Hours Online Problems Today

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  • Log-in 0% issue reported
  • receiving messages 0% issue reported
  • Connection to server 0% issue reported

Messenger Down status down & up report with current outages map history on 2020-06-24

Messenger Twitter Reports

TT temisol
RT ronkusgege You can create rooms via WhatsApp that pushes you to Facebook messenger Do we not have enough problems
Vishwa Ratan aawaaaraDOTexe
Calm your tits down Facebook messenger you don t need to remind me everytime we are not connectes to internet
RT BunxaAly Ya Allah We have believed in what you have sent down and we follow the noble messenger therefore record us among the witness
RT dazzzmin Our lord We have believed in wat You have sent down n we follow D Noble Messenger therefore record us among d witnesses of
facebook should add a notes feature to messenger so when you re talking to people you can yjot down key info
DoHyung Kim dynaxis
I m a little bit sick of various messenger clients created w Electron or similar slowing down booting sequence of my Windows PC
Rachael Flood RachaelAFlood
Messenger being so sneaky now saying who s online now without going into the chat so I know who s ignoring me down to a T now
Alex Valenzuela nickelcola
ravgallardo jaimanalad RUN RUN AWAY RHAI RUN AWAY BEFORE WE DRAG YOU DOWN TO EVERWING HELL HAHAHAHAHjkjk some game on FB messenger
tomfoolery2007 climatecancel
RT climatecancel MarkBaileyMP tsv bulletin MichaelHartMP Don t shoot the messenger The sun s going down on a cold winter
tomfoolery2007 climatecancel
MarkBaileyMP tsv bulletin MichaelHartMP Don t shoot the messenger The sun s going down on a cold winter afterno
Im 10000 down for the man purse messenger bag wtf ever trend I just literally would have nothing to put in it if i had one
Rhonda Phillips MZMAGOO77
Having problems with my messenger it keeps shutting down on me grr Anyone else experiencing the same thing
Meee ❣ castillo090801
scroll down ka na lang mean dina tutunog messenger mo tulog na sila
Nancy C. Nan_6_Fer
RT canadianoutages Facebook Messenger is having issues since 9 44 PM EDT RT if it s down for you as well Facebo
Barbara Twist barbara_twist
Best radar detector wiki - Good online dating profile for guys - Yahoo messenger mac problems dating love
Ice Wino IceWino
Trump thinks his problems are due to his communications people plans to change US motto from E pluribus unum to Shoot the Messenger
The Spirals of Danu SpiralsOfDanu
YahooCare I ve got problems accessing Yahoo Mail and the forums are no help Is there a customer chat channel messenger to help
Jason Cooke jasonwcooke
Day 3 of no power and I get a Facebook messenger note saying they didn t have our outage

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