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Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services. It was founded by Stewart Butterflied. It is available for both Windows, macOS Android, Windows and Other Platforms. Slack began as an internal tool used by their company, Tiny Speck, in the development of Glitch, a now defunct online game.  If you are having outage the see outage report graph here.

Slack down

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Slack Down status down & up report with current outages map history on 2020-06-24

Slack Twitter Reports

David _Imdavemf
Chilling in my car waiting on this rain to slack down a little
Vincent Brown vinbrown
RT Vintuitive Slack incorporated emojis into their team workflow - found it cut down on noise SlackHQ emoji
Where do these jobs go when construction slows down Manufacturing amp mining aren t going to take up the slack
Slack seems like a bad chokepoint for IT productivity That goes down or glitches collaboration grinds to a halt across the industry
Will Smith willsmith
ejacqui When Reagan shut down all the mental hospitals the private sector and charities totally picked up the slack Right
Rob Scott robscott_uc
Video A new Slack add-on notifies your boss of potential problems based on the language in chat
jonhickman jonhickman
Although Slack seems to scale better than our email services did when the whole hole punch deal went down
Matthew Kenworthy mattkenworthy
jegpeek jakevdp I ve just started using slack and it feels as if I ve washed down Pop Rocks with a half litre of Mountain Dew
alex dopurun
Bakuman this all comes down to weird server infrastructure square enix is just a small startup compaby give them some slack
every time I remember Baked Alaska worked at Buzzfeed I picture him in a Slack with Hamilton My Little Pony slash fiction just melting down
Joe Republic aaarocket37
RPMSports18 Aly Raisman Every1 needs to calm down amp give the Old fella a little slack eh U can t even compliment any1 anymore PC morons
Nathaniel Hardy nathanielhardy
and clear love of franchise give her slack GL brought us Holiday Special for goodness sakes Let s take a deep breath and calm down
Yø Dąďďÿ Lolojones23
Family problems bills picking up everyone else s slack being the shoulder to cry on being the supporter when tf do I get a break
Olio oliodigitallabs
We use Slack at Olio so Twit from Doist definitely sounds intriguing We don t have their problems though
luis in 140 doist Bots of course don t solve the other mentioned problems of Slack etc I m on several sysadmin S
shadow263 stupiter500
This will be my first official live stream so there might be some problems here and there but cut me some slack will ya
Due to the big Skype outage I was finally forced to join SlackHQ But compared to other messenger apps Slack s UX is highly confusing
moishel wrighty zmagg If you slack me about an outage and don t page txt call me I m going to miss your outage Sorry not sorry
Matteo Rossi matteoredz
codek1 IMHO Slack is actually the best choice Problems come from big old-styled companies that can t move on
Matt Weagle mweagle
marypcbuk johncutlefish Nope - slack relaxes the character limit but seems to suffer from the same problems Social media
Paul p_quinby
RT CALinnovates Local governments are picking up the slack solving pressing infrastructure problems by kishrajan
Jeff Forcier bitprophet
RT palendae The problems listed here apply to IRC too but Slack s been an easier sell to businesses
ノラン palendae
The problems listed here apply to IRC too but Slack s been an easier sell to businesses
Joseph Hesser GeneHesser
He s having bone spur problems today please cut him some slack He is after all our warrior in chief
Khal Mojo CCK_Mojo
Y all fake care It s funny that most of sarina s problems derived from your actions You turned your back amp my family picked up the slack
Rahul S Rahulstwitta
nytimes Let him deal with his personal legal problems first Cut him some slack

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